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Machu Picchu

Re-Visit Machu Picchu - Your choice of Private Guided Tours

Today you will enjoy further Private Guided Tours of Machu Picchu of those places less-visited. You may start at Dawn or as you wish.  All tours are included and you are only limited by your time and energy.

The Sun Gate (2 Hours)
Inti Punku the Sun Gate marks the entrance to Machu Picchu. It is a one hour uphill hike to the south-east of the Sanctuary, climbing more than 300 meters.  The hike is on the original Inca trail and is paved with Inca stones. There is a spectacular view from the gate (pictured).
Apu Machu Picchu (3 to 4 Hours Roundtrip)
The hike to the summit of Apu Machu Picchu is 2 ½ hours and can be quite steep in places. This trail, accessed from Machu Picchu, joins parts of the Inca trail leading to the Sun Gate before climbing to the mountain's highest point.  The climb is some 600m and safe. It is suitable for the averagely fit.
Inka Bridge (Bridge 1 Hour Round Trip)
The trail is a stone path, part of which is cut into a cliff face.  A twenty-foot gap was left in this section of the carved cliff face, over a 1,900 feet drop that could be bridged with two tree trunks.  When the tree trunks were removed then the trail became impassable to outsiders.  The path is narrow and paved with original Inca stones.
Huayna Picchu (3 - 4 Hours)
Huayna Picchu is the mountain you see behind Machu Picchu. The mountain is steep, but stone steps are laid along most of the way, and where the mountain is steeper you will find steel cables to be used as handrails. For fit people it is not a difficult climb although for the averagely fit perhaps Apu Machu Picchu is an easier and safer climb.