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5* Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel

How does one best prepare for a visit to the enigmatic Lost City of the Incas? Nothing less than a natural paradise will do— a paradise where one connects completely with the sacred energy of themountain.  In Inkaterra’s vacationparadise and luxury boutique Hotel, a pueblo of luxurious whitewashed bungalownestles into terraced hills.  Spaservices use sublime natural essences, and a first-class restaurant boastsstunning views of the rushing Vilcanota River.
 The train station is only steps away but Inkaterra Machu Picchu Hotel exists in aworld apart.  An intimate 85-cottageluxury Hotel in sprawling Andean style village within the secluded 12 acres ofexquisite beauty, where guests follow stone pathways to their rooms, located incomfortable one or two-story whitewashed casitas.
 Pueblo Hotel includes several services in their prices being:
  • A La Carte Dinner
  • Welcome Gift
  • Tea Time
  • Happy Hour
  • Breakfast
  • Your Choice of Tours (Detailed Below)
Birds (2 Hours)
Walk early in the morning to take advantage of theoptimum time for cloud-forest bird watching. Begin at a river observatory, with the possibility of sighting thesought-after torrent duck and the white-capped dipper.
Then proceed to a productive tanager feeding area, where silver-beaked, blue-necked,fawn-breasted and saffron-crowned tanagers can be found.  Along the hotel's pathways, be on the lookoutfor the cock-of-the-rock, the golden-headed quetzal and many of the 18 different hummingbirds identified on the grounds, including the bootedracket-tail and the green-and-white hummingbirds, which are native to the area.
Orchids (2 Hours)
Walk through the orchid garden to observe some ofthe hotel's 372 different native orchids in bloom.  Discover this extraordinary plant family,which has captured the human imagination for centuries.
Fromthe largest orchid flower in the world – the Phragmipedium caudatum, to tinyflowering specimens properly appreciated only through a magnifying glass, thereare orchids to amaze both the newly inquisitive and the expert, includingspecies new to science which have been discovered on the hotel grounds.  
Nature Walk (2 Hours)
Walk along the hotel's trails, and discover thefascinating yet fragile ecosystem of the Machu Picchu cloud forest, and learnabout its many indigenous plants and animals. The Nature Walk offers guests a glimpse of cloud forest flora: ferns, bromeliadsand orchids and fauna -an interesting variety of birds; as well as anintroduction to the Vilcanota river system, the Observatory, the tea garden andhouse.
Tea Plantation (2 Hours)
Visit our organic tea (Camellia Sinensis) plantation and tea house to discover thewonders of the traditional tea making process. Take part as the freshly picked leaves are pressed over wooden blocks and finally seal your own tea bag.  A glass of fresh iced-tea is included
Twilight Walk (2 Hours)
This early evening walk is designed to connect on a spiritual level with theenvironment and the historical energy of the Machu Picchu area.  With special attention placed on nature'score elements, the walk pauses at the Rocotal Observatory to appreciate anenchanting waterfall and sacred pre-Inca pictographs.