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Luxury Machu Picchu Vacations

Peru Essentials

Lima | Colca Canyon | Lake Titicaca | Cusco | Machu Picchu | Amazon 
11 Days +
From $4,450pp
A Selection of Comprehensive Luxury Tours of Peru which all include two days at Machu Picchu.  These Longer Vacations of between 11 and 16 Days include all of the must see highlights of Peru...
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3 - 8 Days Vacations

Lima | Cusco | Sacred Valley of the Inca | Machu Picchu
3 – 8 Days
From $895pp
Ideal as a pre or post Cruise Extension or simply for those short of time, these shorter Machu Picchu Vacations hit all the highlights in between 3 and 8 Days.  32 Itineraries to choose from.....
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Route of the Inca

Lima | Cusco | Machu Picchu |
Lake Titicaca
8 Days +
From $2,995pp
Perhaps our most popular Luxury Machu Picchu Vacations. You willvisit all of the most impotant attractions in Peru - Lima, Cusco, Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca.
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Luxury Yacht Galapagos

Quito | Galapagos Islands | Lima | Cusco | Machu Picchu 
9 Days +
From $5,995pp
Combine the Magic of the Galapagos Islands from your First Class or Luxury Yacht with Machu Picchu, one of the 7 Wonders of the World.  Vacations from 9 Days & $5,995pp....
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Bespoke Vacations

All Destinations
You Choose!
From 3 Days +
To Suit Your Budget
Bespoke Luxury Machu Picchu Vacation Itineraries. Try our 8 Question Quiz and we'll reply within 24 with a Special Custom Itinerary based on your Tastes & Budget.
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Hotel Galapagos Vacation

Quito | Galapagos Islands | Lima | Cusco | Machu Picchu
10 Days +
From $5,570pp
Or base yourself in the Galapagos Islands in a Luxury Hotel and enjoy day trips by Yacht to the nearby Islands.  Combine with Machu Picchu for the Perfect Vacation
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Amazon +

Lima | Amazon Jungle Peru | Cusco | Machu Picchu
8 Days +
From $2,495pp
Explore Amazon Wildlife from your Luxury Amazon Lodge or Luxury Amazon Cruise Ship, History and Nature the perfect Peru Vacation.
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Route of the Condor

Lima | Arequipa | Colca Canyon | Lake Titicaca | Cusco | Machu Picchu
9 Days +
From $2,995pp
See Andean Condors in the wild at the Colca Canyon.  Combined with Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca for The Luxury Peru Vacation.
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Uyuni Salt Flats Bolivia

Lima | Cusco | Machu Picchu | Lake Titicaca | La Paz | Uyuni Salt Flats
10 Days +
From $4,595pp
Combine the Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia with the best of Peru & Machu Picchu.  Available as 10, or 14 Day Itineraries and from $4,595pp for the more adventurous traveller.
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Inca Trail

Lima | Arequipa | Colca Canyon | Lake Titicaca |
Cusco | Machu Picchu
8 Days +
From $2,650pp
Who doesn’t have the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu on their bucket list? Either traditional Camping or Luxury Lodge-to-Lodge.  Combined with Adventure Activities, these Vacations are for the active traveller.
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Coffee & Chocolate

Lima | Cusco | Coffee and Chocolate
Plantation Home-Stay | Machu Picchu
8 Days +
From $2,450pp
Stay at a Coffee & Chocolate Plantation in the Sacred Valley of the Inca and learn about their Traditional Production in Peru.  Round off the Vacation in Cusco and Machu Picchu....Read More
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Day Tours

Private & Small Group Service
Lima | Cusco | Sacred Valley | Machu Picchu
Full & Half Day Tours
From $10pp
We Operate and Offer Day Tours Throughout Peru.  Please check out the Selection Below.  Any Day Tour can be added into your Full Vacation Itinerary Please Ask for Details.
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“Few romances can ever surpass
that of the granite citadel
on top of the beetling precipices
of Machu Picchu, the crown of Inca Land.”

Hiram Bingham, 1921