Health Considerations

During your upcoming Peruvian adventure your health and safety are our top priority. Here are some considerations before traveling abroad to keep you happy and healthy during your trip.

Vaccinations - No vaccinations are compulsory to enter Peru. Please check with a doctor or Travel Clinic for up-to-date immunization advice, including malarial areas. Up to date health requirements are available at:

Altitude sickness - is a possibility in the highland areas of Peru. Nearly everyone will have a headache and feel out of breath and possibly nauseous for at least the first day at altitude, if symptoms worsen, hotels and guides will have oxygen handy.

Lima, at sea level, and Arequipa, at 2300m, present no problems. When you travel to the Colca canyon (3600m), Puno (3800m) and Cuzco (3300m) you will be aware of the thin air and will need to take additional precautions such as avoiding caffeine and alcohol and drinking coca tea. The only cure for acute sickness is to descend to a lower altitude. As a precaution, you can consult with your doctor or a travel clinic about prescribing altitude sickness medication.