Lima Cathedral

Capital of Peru, located in the central pacific coast of the country, and is considered one of the major cities in South America.  It is known for its historic downtown center declared by UNSECO a “World Heritage Site” in 1991. This center is best recognized for its colonial and republican architecture, its pre-Hispanic heritage, modern districts, beach board walks, amazing ocean views, and impressive international cuisine.

Lima is also known as the “City of the Kings” and was formally the richest viceroyalty in South America. This important metropolis still has a beautiful colonial architecture that surprises visitors, as well as offering world-class cuisine.

Lima Weather

In Lima, the capital of Peru, the climate is very peculiar: it is subtropical desert, with a warm season from December to April and a cool, humid and cloudy season from June to October, with May and November as transitional months.

Lima Cathedral

Lima Cathedral

Lima Cathedral is an immense baroque cathedral originally built in 1564. In addition to its fine baroque art, it is best known for being designed by Francisco Pizarro (who conquered the Incas and founded Lima) and for containing his tomb.

The layout for this immense structure was dictated by Francisco Pizarro himself, and his basic vision has survived despite extensive rebuilds after earthquakes in 1746 and 1940. The first church on the site was completed in 1625. Because of changing tastes, the main altar was replaced around 1800 with one in neo-classical style. At about the same time the towers that flank the entrance were added.

The interior of Lima cathedral is attractive, with a delicate vaulted ceiling and a checkerboard floor. It is embellished with some impressive baroque furnishings, the most notable of which are the intricately carved choir stalls but perhaps the highlight of a visit to the cathedral is the colorfully mosaiced chapel containing the tomb of Francisco Pizarro (1475-1541), Spanish Conquistador, Conqueror of the Inca Empire and founder of the city of Lima.

Library - Basilica & Convent of San Francisco

Convent of San Francisco

Basilica y Convent of San Francisco is the Spanish name for Saint Francis Monastery located in Lima, Peru, south of Parque la Muralla and one block northeast from the Plaza Mayor, Lima. The church and convent are part of the Historic Centre of Lima, which was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1991. Aside from a church and monastery it also contains a library and catacombs. In this church, Jude the Apostle is venerated. At the feast of Saint Jude a one and a half ton weighing silver stand is carried round in procession by 40 people, starting from the convent.

The convent's library is world-renowned. It possesses about 25,000 antique texts, some of them predating the conquest. Some notable books are the first Spanish dictionary published by the Royal Spanish Academy and a Holy Bible edition from 1571- 1572 printed in Antwerp.

Larco Museum